Many people tend to associate Mediterranean cuisine with Greek food. However, many Greek cuisines tend to have their roots in Arabic, Turkish, and Persian ideas and foods. For instance, you might recognize the tzatziki as being authentically Greek. However, its roots, including the name, consists of Turkish.

We all know that Greek cuisine is over thousands of years old. It is heavily laced with the Greek culture in its entirety. Yes, Mediterranean foods are all for health benefits. But you need to visit the Mediterranean restaurant for the wide selection of foods. Here are some of the amazing authentic meals:

Greek Salad

What is Mediterranean food without some classic Greek salad? This Greek Salad contains some of the ripest and juiciest fruits and vegetables. It is exactly what you want on a hot sunny day. The salad comes with chopped cucumber, olives, tomatoes, and bell pepper, all fresh from the market or garden. The star of the salad would be the feta cheese. It comes in either crumbled or cubed forms. You can use olive oil for drizzling the salad accompanied by some generous seasonings.


During the time of the Ottoman Empire, the Borek was an ultimate favorite among the people. This baked pastry isn’t just delicious, but it also comes with a unique spiral twisted shape. You will need yufka pastry or filo and a large pan for making this pastry. After you finish baking it, you need to cut it into several slices for serving. The fillings of this pastry differ from region to region. Borek’s influence is present in West Asia, the Balkans, Central Asia, and North Africa.


This Greek dish is a spinach pie. Well, we are guessing that you didn’t expect it to be a pie based on its name, right? The Spanakopita is a savory pastry that will make anyone’s day better. It doesn’t matter what kind of day you are having; this pastry will brighten up your mood. You can find some of the best spanakopitas in Greece from Attica Bakery. Fret not because you can also find this pastry in many Mediterranean restaurants.

Greek Gyros

The word “Gyro” in Greek means either “revolution” or “turn.” This amazing pork cone is a major favorite for many people around the world. Yes, you can find gyro in many restaurants, but its true authentic taste only comes from the ones made in professional Mediterranean restaurants. The gyros that you find in Greece are the real deal too. Today, you can find some of the best gyros in many Mediterranean restaurants in America too.


Yes, the hearty foods are great, but what about the appetizers? Mediterranean restaurants also have some of the best appetizer dishes. Here, Mezze stems from the Persian language, and it means “To Taste.” It isn’t a single meal, but it consists of an array of small appetizers and dishes. But it varies from one region to another. For example, Turkish Mezze consists of sliced melon, fried calamari, walnut sauce, and pepper. Mezze makes for a great appetizer during social gatherings in the Balkans, Turkey, and Greece.

Ful Medames

Ful Medames is everyone’s favorite back in Egypt. This dish is thousands of years old and forms a major part of Egyptian culture. This dish consists of a fava bean stew accompanied by other tasty ingredients. The heat of the chili peppers and the zesty flavor of the lemon juice gives this stew a huge kick. Ful Medames consists of many vegetables, including onion, cumin, parsley, and garlic. Most Egyptians consume this meal with side dishes like cured beef, hard-boiled eggs, and vegetable oil.


Tapas is a dish that forms a huge part of Spanish culture today. The Spanish Innkeepers were responsible for introducing this dish during the 18th century. Tapas brings flavours from the highest mountains to the deepest seas. You will find everything to eat, from soft cheeses to tasty cold meats. You can also enjoy items such as battered squid and smoked chorizo in this meal. Everyone at the table will find a taste here. It is all about serving the appetizers and spreads together.