When we talk about the Mediterranean, the things that immediately come to our mind are the amazing wine, dishes, and climate. This perfect combo is the reason why many couples and families dine in these regions. In this blog we will take a look at some of the best types of Mediterranean food.


Who in the food world doesn’t know the Pita bread? This bread has a soothing taste accompanied by a puffy texture. It is a rounded flatbread that has ingredients like wheat flour in it. This delicacy has been present in the middle east for a millennium now. Pita originates from an area in the middle east called “Fertile Crescent.” However, the Greeks were responsible for putting this bread on the world map.

The puffed appearance of Pita comes from baking it under high temperatures till 475⁰F. Pita can be used as a pocket for filling an array of foods. But some people bake it at lower temperatures because they prefer the pocketless version. Many Greeks eat Pita with sauces such as hummus, and the Turkish people are all about stuffing it with some tender meat.


Feta consists of a classic Mediterranean treat that the people enjoy as Greek Salads. This dairy product is paired with the ingredient zucchini. But the combination of bread and simple feta will also turn out just good. You can make feta using cows, sheep, or goat’s milk. It is also possible to combine them for your feta. It all depends on which country you are from. Be expectant to always enjoy a fresh, healthy feta meal.


Dolmas is one of the most important Mediterranean foods. It is all about stuffing your veggies using hearty foods. Dolmas tend to originate from the regions of the Middle East. But countries from the Middle East Regions and East Mediterranean tend to have varying takes on this treat. For example, you will find roasted eggplant stuffed using hearty rice, ground lamb, rich spices, and a strong splash of lemon.

You will find the sogan dolmasi if you visit the Balkans in Bosnia. Their recipe consists of minced beef, sour cream, seasonings, rice with peeled onions. Dolma is historically significant when we talk about Mediterranean foods. Dolma shows how people can get creative and resourceful with just a bunch of simple ingredients.


The Tunisian Jews are responsible for bringing this dish to the spotlight. Shakshuka consists of cooking and consuming poached eggs on a whole new level and perspective. It features a rich, flavourful base sauce from ingredients like onions, tomatoes, peppers, and olive oil. Just like any other foods from North Africa, you can expect Shakshuka to be spicy. It contains pepper, paprika, cumin, and nutmeg in its sauce.

The cook plants the poached eggs on top of the bubbling stew. The eggs have heavy seasoning with spices for intensifying the flavours. Many people in the Middle East have been consuming this type of tomato-based stews for centuries now. Different types of shakshuka were extremely popular in the Ottoman Empire.


Paella is a famous Spanish cuisine that has been around for centuries now. In Paella, there is a fusion of veggies, meat, and a specific rounded rice type. The settlers of the Middle East are responsible for introducing this dish to the Spanish people during the 10th century. The origins of Paella come from the rural locations of Valencia during the 19th century. The ingredients of Paella are slowly cooked inside a circular type of shallow pan on an open fire.

Most of the Paella dishes are ginormous in size, making them perfect for large family gatherings. The olive oil gives the rice a golden crispy flavour and look. Also, rosemary and saffron help in seasoning the dish. Tender cuts of duck, rabbits, and chicken were used in its traditional cooking. But nowadays, seafood is widely used here, especially because Valencia is so close to the coastline.