When we think about Mediterranean foods, some of the most iconic and flavourful dishes come to our minds. This cuisine is all about diversity, and many people resort to it for a long healthy, and prosperous life. Here, the Mediterranean countries consist of Libya, Spain, Israel, Italy, Egypt, Tunisia, France, Greece, Algeria, Turkey, Morocco, and Syria. These countries possess a wide selection of some of the most authentic Mediterranean dishes. Let us list and discuss some of these treats for you to try.


The Moussaka is a dish that consoles your hungry stomach. It features rich, intense flavours that are hard to resist. This casserole consists of grounded meat and baked eggplant. It was a popular Greek cuisine back in the 20s. But the origins of Moussaka date all the way back to the Levant. This particular region to the Mediterranean sea’s east includes Israel, Turkey, Lebanon, and more.
This traditional recipe is all about mixing the juiciness of the ripe tomatoes and sauteed brinjal with the minced lamb. The famous Greek Chef Nikolaos Tselementes, who is French-trained, is responsible for making the Moussaka. This dish also comes with an array of recipes and is perfect for almost every occasion.


Ratatouille is a super popular Mediterranean dish for the summertime. It also has its movie, which was a blockbuster hit at the box office back in 2007. This meal consists of stewed vegetables with ingredients like tomatoes, marjoram, zucchini, onions, bell peppers, garlic, fennel, eggplant, and basil. This dish originates from Nice and is a favourite treat for millions of people around the world. Nice is a popular Mediterranean city famous for its culture and foods.
Baklava consists of a pastry dessert that has multiple textures. This divine dessert tends to originate from Turkey. It came into fruition during the rule of the Ottoman Empire. This treatment tends to sandwich the crushed nuts right between the filo pastry layers. It fuses all the layers together using a sweet honey syrup. The pastry layers of Baklava possess a buttery and flaky texture.
You can expect an exclusive bite with the exquisite combo of its crunch and thick honey texture. Nuts such as Greece’s walnuts and Turkey’s pistachios are used. However, many people tend to also use other nuts based on their Baklava recipe. This dessert should be served chilled after your dinner. One slice of this dessert will take you to heaven.

Tuscan Chicken

If you are someone that loves consuming protein, then this dish is for you. Many people go back to Tuscany to enjoy this perfect Mediterranean meal. Tuscany is famous for its authentic pasta and chicken meals. You can locate this region back in Italy, which includes cities such as Florence. One great thing about the Tuscan Chicken would be its easy-to-make nature. You can cook it for your family and friends during social gatherings.


The Falafel consists of a Middle Eastern dish, which comes from either Egypt or Libya. This Mediterranean meal is quite common, and most people have tried it. Falafel consists of a deep-fried ball, patty, or doughnut made using ground chickpeas and fava beans. You can either use one of these ingredients or even combine them both according to your liking.